Just Friends

by we are Just Friends

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released September 5, 2015

Tamar Jusidman - guitar/vocals
Alissa Nardo - bass/vocals
Ben Shafrir - drums/vocals
Yali Bitan - guitar/vocals

Recorded and Mixed by Tony Hundtoft
Artwork by Tamar Jusidman



all rights reserved


we are Just Friends Los Angeles, California

Sit back, relax, and enter the world of Just Friends~

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Track Name: Wonderful Day
what a wonderful day to go outside
the sidewalks warm and the sun was shiiiiine
what a wonderful day to be alive
what a wonderful i want to die
Track Name: Soundcheck II
Track Name: Circle of Jerks
I love a poor girl
I love a dead girl
I love a sad girl
I'm one too

I love a mean girl
I love a French girl
I love a pretty girl I'm one too

And theres gotta be someone for me
Ya know I can't be lonely
And I feel you beside me
I want you inside me

I love a soft boy
I love a youth boy
I love a sad boi
I'm one too
I love a pink boy
I love a love boy
I love a pretty boi
I'm one too

I love the punk teens
I love the hipsters
I love the mom jeans 
I'm one too

I love the scene queens
I love the goth nerds
I love the dank meme's
I'm one too
Track Name: Cat Callers
hey lady lover
im not coming over
you’d look pretty if you smiled baby
you couldn’t if you tried

cat callers calling
im not falling for that
they think they’re ballin
but I’m not boning that dick

just tryna walk down the street
but i keep slipping on mens drool
wish i could castrate them 
for now ill just call them fools
Track Name: Habibi Baby
over-priced flavored air
overcharge me thats not fair
underage they don’t care
in that seedy lair

lets go to habibi baby
oh i love habibi baby
lets smoke at habibi baby
oh I’m a habibi baby

Sleazy waiter get your hands off me
touch me again and your ass will get beat
I’m just here to have a good time
my friends make it worth it all that aside

Track Name: Cavalier Dick
im glad for the day that i realized you’re a piece of shit
and knew that your love is a lie cuz i nearly fell in your pit
cuz you’re a cavalier dick

I’m tired of waiting for you to call
and now i don’t care for you at all
cuz you’re a cavalier dick
Track Name: Rather Be Happy
Ive never really been a big picture kinda guy
and i never really cared about world affairs
i only mind the world that i can see
if you got a problem man, you don’t have to talk me

i could say that I’m sorry, but I’m not
and i could choose to worry, but I’m not
because i have seen what it does to me
and i would rather be happy

the polar ice caps are melting, and i don’t care
and i just don’t give a fuck about the ozone layer
I’m too busy caring for myself
to worry about what happens to anybody else

Im blissfully ignorant about the world
and i spend all of my time thinking about girls
its maybe not the best, its not the best for me
cuz its the only way that i can be happy
Track Name: The Sound of Friendship
people wanna know exactly who we are
we’re Just Friends
people say that they can’t tell us apart
cuz we’re best friends
I’m on guitar and so’s Tamar, Alissa’s on bass
and on the drums is my friend Ben
so tell all the world exactly who we are
we’re Just Friends

I hear the sound of friendship

I dont to ask you
if you are okay
cuz i know that things
are gonna be great
and i know what you need
when you’re feeling bad
but when we’re together
i know its gonna be rad
Track Name: So Tired
I'm so tired of feelin stupid
I'm so tired of feelin stupid
I am just about ready to lose it
I'm so tired of 

I don't wanna hate myself no more

I'm so tired, I'm feelin lonely
I'm so tired of feelin the only
I wish I was the kind of guy
Who didn't rely on anybody